• Priyanka Gulati

Indirect Questions (Do you know...? / Could you tell me...?) Part 1

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

1. Read the following questions. Observe the words in bold. What do you notice?

Direct question: What is the time?

Indirect question: Could you tell me what the time is?

  • As you can see, an indirect question loses the normal (direct) question word order.

  • In an indirect question, the subject (the time) comes before the verb (is), as in a statement.

2. Why do we use them?

Indirect questions are a little more polite than the direct questions. These are generally used in formal situations.

3. Compare:

Direct and Indirect Questions

4. Phrases For Indirect Questions:

1. Do you know...?

2. Can/Could you tell me...?

3. Would it be possible...?

4. Is there any chance...?

5. Have you any idea...?

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