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Watch the video to find out more about this lesson, or download the introductory video.

Don't limit studying English Literature to just reading and answering the comprehension questions. Let's enjoy and appreciate it to develop an interest in reading. During this break from school due to COVID-19, utilise your time to develop essential skills . It's your chance to open up a world of inspiration and creativity.

"The Fun They Had" is a science fiction story by Isaac Asimov.

What do you infer from the title?

What do you mean by the term "science fiction"?

Before you start, look at the steps that you need to follow to successfully achieve the learning aims.

Download and go through the contents in the following order:

1. Worksheet 1 : Pre-reading Vocabulary

Start off with worksheet 1 to learn some vocabulary for a successful reading experience. This will help you increase familiarity with the words that you will find in the text.

2. Worksheet 2: Previewing the Text

Here, you will be previewing the task by predicting the text that you are going to read and filling out the KWL chart. This strategy helps you become a more active and powerful reader by activating prior knowledge and enables you to think about bigger ideas.

For doing this worksheet, you will require the story which you can find in step 4.

Read the key words and the title. Look at the illustrations. Now, predict what the story is about. After that, fill out the KWL chart.

3. Worksheet 3: Making Connections

Go through this worksheet before reading the text, but do this while or after reading the story. This will help you enhance your understanding of the text you are reading. In this worksheet, you will learn about different types of connections: text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to- the world.

Go on! This is your chance to understand the story at a deeper level.

4. Now, read the story : The Fun They Had

The story is made more engaging and captivating for you by adding colourful illustrations to it. I hope you will enjoy reading the story. :)

Teachers might want to download the PPT to use it in class.

5. Questions for thoughts

Let's get familiarize with the term characters and setting. Learn how an author develops a character and how the setting of a story influences the characters. Then, attempt the answers to the comprehension questions.

Here's a zipped folder to download all the files at once


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