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Retelling the story: Who Did Patrick's Homework?

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Activity: Retelling the story

Class: 6

Chapter: Who did Patrick’s Homework?

By Carol Moore

Book: Honeysuckle

Many learners find it difficult to retell the stories. That’s why I used the “scaffolding” technique to help learners.

“Scaffolding” is a technique in which the teacher provides material required to do the activity to the learners and eventually “weans” them off to perform the activity independently.


• First, teacher helps the learners recall the vocabulary that the students will need to use in the activity and checks if they can understand and pronounce the words correctly.

• Teache helps the students recapitulate the story.

• Teacher gives the instructions for doing the activity and distributes the cut-outs.

• The cut-outs are coded in three different colours to help the learners rearrange the sentences. (In the pictures, the first part of all the sentences is in yellow, second in white and third in pink).

• Teacher models how to structure the sentence.

• Students rearrange the cut-outs to form meaningful sentences.

• Teacher monitors and helps the students wherever required.

• After that, the students put the events in chronological order.

• The whole class retells the story along with the teacher.

• Then, the students are asked to use the sequencing words (first, next, then, after that etc.) to retell the story to their partners.

• Teacher tells the students to remove some bits of the story and retell the story to their partner.

• Next, the students remove some more phrases as instructed by the teacher and retell the story.

• Eventually, teacher “weans” them off the phrases and the students retell the stories with the help of just the first parts of the sentences.

The activity can be customised according to the level of the learners. To make it easy for the learners to put the events in chronological order, you can number the first phrases of each sentence.


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